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Scar Revision

Scars on the skin, whether surgical wounds or from accidents, can be unsightly and embarrassing. Some people find they limit their choice of clothing and will not go swimming or sun-bathing because they are so self-conscious about the scar.

Fortunately, scars can often be revised and improved using a number of techniques. At Select Medical we have experience in using PRP plasma treatments which can significantly reduce the redness and prominence of scars.

The lady in the pictures had a disc replacement in her neck – you can see the post=op picture with the loop of suture still in. Unfortunately it healed to be very red and raised as shown in the next photograph. After two treatments of PRP injections into the scar 8 weeks apart the redness is fading rapidly and the scar has become far less raised.

Also injections of medicines such as corticosteroids can help fade overactive or ‘keloid’ scars.

Sometimes a scar is just too much to treat with injections and needs to be removed surgically and repaired again. Although we try to avoid this swapping a ‘scar for a scar’ it can be done if necessary.

If you aren’t sure, book a free consultation with us for an opinion on your treatment options.

Scar Revision

Treatment Onset

6 Weeks

Treatment Recovery

1-2 Days


None/Numbing Cream



Duration of Results

12+ Months

Procedure Time

90-120 Minutes (inc Blood Taking)

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