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Milia are small firm white lumps usually found on the eyelids and around the eyes.

Milia are usually only small, only about 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter. They are not itchy or painful. Although they look like a whitehead they will not pop when squeezed. The most common places to find Milia are around the eye area, the cheeks, nose and forehead. They are not harmful or dangerous but can be annoying or unsightly.

Milia can last for months. They are caused when the skin doesn’t exfoliate or shed its dead cells. The white lump of a milia is collection of a protein called keratin which is trapped under the skin and forms a small white ball.

They can occur at any age. Newborns often have milia which are called milkspots. If you have had acne or spots as a teen you are more likely to develop milia than others. They can be triggered by injury, sun exposure, some medication, burns or sometimes they occur just because the skin is prone to them.

Here at Select Medical we are able to remove Milia for patients using various methods including by Plasma IQ, microwave cautery or using a medical grade sterile needle. Please don’t try to remove them yourself at home due to the risk of infection.


Treatment Onset


Treatment Recovery

1-7 Days (Depending if Stitches Needed)


Local Anaesthetic


Doctor/Aesthetic Nurse

Duration of Results

Varies; 12 Months – Permanent

Procedure Time

30-60 Minutes

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