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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (Exilis Elite)

Fight the effects of ageing and relax with Exilis Elite skin tightening.

The Exilis Elite is a hand held device that uses ultrasound and radio frequency to tighten skin and reduce the effects of age. It is also used to break down and reduce subcutaneous fat deposits (pockets of fat up to 4cm under the surface of the skin) which can cause sagging and lumpiness.

The device is FDA approved (the United States federal agency of Food and Drug Administration), extensively tested, pain free, non-surgical and extremely effective for all skin types and all ages.

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How does this skin tightening procedure work?

The controlled and localised application of high energy radio frequency and ultrasound acts on the body in two ways…

  1. the radio frequency delivers a closely monitored deep heat which causes collagen disruption; collagen contracts and reforms, tightening the skin above and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. The ultrasound breaks up pockets of subcutaneous fat which can then be eradicated by your natural metabolic processes (which are boosted because of the application of heat!), reducing unsightly sagging and making the skin firmer.

At the start of your treatment a cold gel or oil will be spread over the treatment area to reduce friction and the Exilis Elite is then moved in a soothing, relaxing circular motion over the surface of the skin, gently heating to the optimum temperature. The result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, tighter/firmer skin and a reduction in the appearance of problem areas of fat.

Does it hurt?

No. Our practitioners are fully qualified and very experienced. The device has a built in thermometer to provide constant monitoring of the skin’s temperature, so apart from a relaxing and comfortable warmth you won’t feel anything at all. The skin is not damaged and except for a little redness immediately after treatment there are no side effects and no need for any recovery time – you can return to work immediately if you want to. We don’t use anaesthesia because you won’t need any and after the treatment we’ll apply SPF moisturisers to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh.

Where can i get my skin tightened?

The Exilis Elite is very versatile and is safe and effective on any area of the face or body. Common treatment areas include around the eyes, chins and jaw lines, around the mouth and on tummies, backs and ankles but you’re not restricted – any area where fine lines, wrinkles or unsightly fat are bothering you can be targeted and improved.

When will I see the results?

The Exilis Elite produces immediate results but it doesn’t stop there… because the collagen has been disrupted and is reforming the results improve with time and you’ll continue to look and feel better. Some people report that the results last for 6-12 months but we do recommend regular top up treatments to guarantee you remain looking fabulous.

How long does it take?

An average skin tightening treatment will last between 60 and 90 minutes but it does depend on the targeted area. You can have more than one area treated in a single appointment so the time taken is largely determined by how much you want us to achieve.

The initial course of treatment is usually 4 appointments, 7-14 days apart. Top up treatments are single appointments and usually recommended every 3 or 4 months.

Please note that your first appointment will include a full medical history and a walk through of the benefits (lots) and the risks (very few), before we ask you to sign a consent form. Our doctors are very experienced and will make sure you fully understand the procedure before you decide to go ahead.

How many skin tightening treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends more on the actual procedure, and not the body part. For example, skin tightening on the face is between 3-6 treatments, with some patients even seeing results after the first session. ReLift, a unique protocol that is for the neck and jowl line is up to 9 treatments. Cellulite and body contouring treatments are between 6-8 treatments.

Improving the results.

It may sound obvious but a good skin care routine can go a long way to towards improving and maintaining your results. Drink plenty of water, make sure you get enough vitamin C and don’t forget the suncream!

Exilis Elite skin tightening is a treatment for anyone and everyone who has concerns about wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!). Book your appointment today and redefine your skin’s future.