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Non Surgical Nose Job


Non-surgical Nose Job is a medical procedure in which injectable Juvéderm fillers are used to alter and shape a person’s nose without invasive surgery.

Fillers can be used to improve the look of a variety of noses. The most common problem that people seek treatment for is the Dorsal bump; this is the classic bump on the bridge of the nose that can give it a hook like appearance. It is also possible to lift the tip of the nose, by injecting the base of the tip with filler, the nose is given more support and the droop in the tip is lessened.

Side effects of this treatment are fairly minimal. You can expect to feel some bruising and sensitivity around the area for up to a week and light swelling is common for the first couple of days after treatment.

Like any treatment involving dermal fillers, it is important to avoid applying pressure to the area for the first couple of weeks. This is because the filler is still malleable and might shift slightly, which would have an impact on your result.

You should see great results immediately after your treatment although swelling and bruising may leave you feeling a little tender for up to a week after.

A guideline price is from £350 and an accurate cost can be given during consultation. Including a thorough consultation you should expect your nose-reshaping treatment to take around 45 minutes. Everyone’s noses and requirements are different and so it’s possible some noses will take a little longer and some a little less.